Sentinel Spectrum Palatable Chews for Parasite Protection in Dogs

One monthly Sentinel Spectrum chewables gives your dog protection from heartworm, fleas, hookworms and more.

  • Dogs love the beef flavored tablets!
  • Prevents heartworm and hookworm in dogs
  • Controls fleas and breaks the flea lifecycle
  • Kills and controls roundworms, tapeworm and whipworms
  • Easy dosing flavored chewables

Sentinel Spectrum gives your dog broad-spectrum protection from dangerous pests.  Each chewable tablet contains a combination of milbemycin oxime and lufenuron that work together to protect your dog from pests and parasites for a full month.  The active ingredients stop heartworm larvae from developing while killing adult hookworms, whipworms, tapeworm and roundworms.  They also stop flea eggs from hatching so the flea life cycle is broken and your pet is protected from reinfestation.  The tablets are beef flavored for no hassle dosing.