We Remember Harry Our hearts were broken on 12/4/15, when our beloved Bichon, Harry, lost his life due to progressive illness. He was the sweetest thing in our lives, showing nothing but love and loyalty, despite his discomfort. Our lives will never be the same. We pray that we will be reunited in heaven.

We Remember Pasha Pasha Manaras – 8/17/01- 11/5/2015 To the best little girl anyone could have. She was so sweet and loved child everyone. She had a great life and gave us a great life. She is resting now with no sickness or pain. We love you, Pasha! Love, Pete, Joanne, Zoe, and Peter

We Remember Cody Thank you Cody for your unconditional love. You were always so sweet and so loving. You will be missed always but forever in our hearts. Till we meet again by the rainbow bridge . . . .

We Remember Reese To the best beagle boy there ever was or will be. Our hearts are broken to lose you so soon but where you are now there is no more pain and no more sickness. Reese, we will carry you in our hearts forever. Until we meet again…. Reese 8/13/10-10/19/15

We Remember Link The Silence of a fallen star, Lights up a purple sky. The moon just went behind a cloud, And I’m so lonesome I could cry. Our thanks to Ellis Siegal for this beautiful tribute.

We Remember Ozzy Garrity 5/27/02 – 7/13/14 Our sweet sweet boy. You brought so much joy and love to our hearts. We love and miss you more than you will ever know. Love, Mommy, Daddy, Michele and Michael Our thanks to Cathy Garrity for sharing this beautiful memorial tribute.

We Remember Chloey It is with very heavy heart the we had to say goodbye to our Chloey, 19 years old, on Sunday 5/25/14. She was cared for by the Media Vet’s and staff for many years. She was the best dog a family could have. She had a great life, hence the 19 years, and was healthy for most of those 19. We will surely miss you Chloey, have fun chasing those Rabbits ( never catching them ) in Heaven and tell Patches and Wiggles we miss them too. Our thanks to Robert C. Robinson for sharing this memorial tribute.

We Remember Chaco August 19, 1995 – May 4, 2012 Our sweet, sweet puppy of almost 17 years, how we miss you! You deeply touched our hearts with your terrier ways! We miss your snuggles, we miss our group howls, we miss your avid attention in the kitchen, we miss throwing the ball again and again and again. We miss your running to the car for errands and road trips. You were a good dog, an exceptional dog. The house is empty without you. We will keep you close in our hearts always. Our deepest gratitude to Dr. Menghetti, who took care of Chaco from her puppy days, to Dr. Smetana, who helped us let Chaco go, and to the entire staff of Media Vet. You are all the most compassionate people we know. Our thanks to Jackie Pastis and Ginanne Stallings for sharing this beautiful memorial tribute.

We Remember Daisy Our dearest Daisy – still so loved and so missed. Sweet, calm, and always loving – what a blessing you were while you were here. Love, Mary Pat, John, Maggie and Colin Thanks, as always (45 years and counting), to MVH and the wonderful people who love our pets. And our thanks to Mary Pat Lynam for sharing this memorial tribute.

We Remember Krammer November 21, 2001 – November 20, 2011 We love and miss you Krammer – The “Greatest Great” Pyrenees. Your gentle spirit is what we will remember the most. Our hearts are aching but it comforts us to imagine you running through a field in heaven. You are our angel. Watching and protecting us from above. Our most deepest love, Daddy, Mommy and Otis We thank the amazing staff of Media Vet & most of all, we thank Dr. Marcie Wynkoop for taking such wonderful care of Krammer. And our thanks to Cindy Petruccillo for sharing this memorial tribute.

We Remember “Hopie Girl” May 21, 2000 to November 2, 2010 In memory of my Hopie Girl! All of you at Media Vet (and at U of P) took such good care of her from the day I got her!!! Thank you so much for all of your love and care! Jackie Our thanks to Jackie Emuryan for this memorial tribute.

We Remember You, Misty 03/1997 – 7/14/2010 RIP. You will be deeply missed and loved. We have nothing but good memories of you. You always gave us unconditional love for 13 years. We miss and love you, Donna, Herb, Donnakay, Mom and boys and Nikki and Lacey Our thanks to Dr. Menghetti, Jr. and to the staff also.

We Remember Ceili For the short period of time you were in our lives, you left imprints on our hearts that have now been replaced with holes. You are now free . . . but we will miss you. Ceili O’Connor 10/26/06-8/7/08 Our thanks to Dot O’Connor for this memorial tribute.

We Remember Duchess To our beloved, beautiful DUCHESS. We miss you so very much. We will never forget you! You gave us unconditional love for the last 14 years and we are so grateful for the time we had with you. We will always love you Duchess! Rest in peace sweetheart. Our thanks to Ric, Barb & Chris Tull for the Memorial Tribute to Duchess

We Remember Bridget You were a very important part of our family for many years. We LOVED you very much and MISS you every day, but find consolation in knowing you are no longer suffering. Thank you for “ENRICHING” our lives beyond words! You were such a good girl…and wonderful companion to us both!! We will never forget the great times! Our thanks to Marge and Ray Franke for this memorial tribute.

We Remember Duke We loved you so much. You were our BEST BUDDY. We had many happy years together and you will ALWAYS be in our hearts forever! Duke belonged to Steve & Deb Heisler

We Remember Azul “We rescued from the shelter, but your severe heart condition did not give us much time together. However, the time we did have was filled with much love and happiness. Rest in peace, Azul . . .We miss you ! Azul was part of the Debra Heisler family