Dental Care For Your Pet

The American Veterinary Dental Society recommends a full dental cleaning every six months for your pet, just the same as your dentist recommends for you. Still, imagine what that cleaning procedure would be like for you if you did not brush your teeth at all between dental visits. With proper home care, your pet may not need that six month dentistry, thus saving you the expense and your pet the extra anesthetic.

Periodontal disease is a major health risk for your pet. It is the most common disease in small animals. It is painful, but frequently, pets with oral pain “suffer in silence”. However, periodontal disease is easily preventable. Let us give your pet a complete dental check up and advise you on how to keep your pet’s teeth clean and healthy for a long and pain-free lifetime! Pets with dental disease constantly release bacteria from their mouths into their bloodstream, resulting in inflammatory changes in the heart, liver, and kidney tissue in otherwise healthy animals. This problem may be exacerbated in pets that already have other existing diseases.